Keeping Up With The Joneses

260: We're Adopting!

November 15, 2021 Alyn & AJ Jones
Keeping Up With The Joneses
260: We're Adopting!
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This week's episode is a fun one! Many years in the making and several months in the planning and we're so excited to finally share our story! Join us on our journey to adoption as we share how we ended up making a decision like this at this stage of our life!!

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Life Languages - Part 1 and Part 2
David Wagner - Episode 86 and 243
Dave Ramsey’s financial peace university
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So we're adopting!
Our history with adoption
Cleaning out the garage
AJ starts having dreams
The dream that led to a decision
What did we learn?
A two year hiatus
The next 3 dreams
David Wagner's word
Alyn's journey
The steps to adoption