Keeping Up With The Joneses

250: Why Authority is Good

September 06, 2021 Alyn & AJ Jones
Keeping Up With The Joneses
250: Why Authority is Good
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This one is a two-parter. This week we talk about why authority is so good and why it’s designed by God to be such. Next week we’ll be answering your questions about why sometimes life doesn’t quite feel like the plan and what to do about it.

Big Bad Breakfast
Romans 13.4
The stories we tell - reflections on the election, government and the Kingdom of Heaven
Deuteronomy 5.16
John Arnott
Hebrews 13.17

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Weekly catchup
Main topic: why authority is good
Parents - first authority
What is the land you are living in?
The benefit and blessing of authority
The link between honor and favor
Advice for not dishonoring
John Arnott on authority
Honoring authority precedes having authority
Let your leaders watch over you
The blessing of authority
Theory vs. practical
Wrap up