Keeping Up With The Joneses

282: Speaking in Tongues

May 30, 2022 Alyn & AJ Jones
Keeping Up With The Joneses
282: Speaking in Tongues
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Let's face it, speaking in tongues is kinda weird. Especially if you didn't grow up with it (like us!) On this episode we talk about what it is, where it's found in the Bible and five benefits from speaking in tongues. Let us know what you think!

Bar Taco
Top Gun Maverick
Acts 2.2-12
1 Corinthians 14.1-5
Romans 8.26-27
Ephesians 6.18
Jude 20
Acts 4.31
Glory by Jessie Early
The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting
Pastor Surprise episode

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Weekly catchup
Tongues in the Bible
What is speaking in tongues?
What are the benefits of speaking in tongues?
How do you get tongues?
Alyn speaks in tongues
Praying for tongues
Listener's question
Wrap up