Keeping Up With The Joneses

277: Wisdom (with David Campbell)

April 18, 2022
Keeping Up With The Joneses
277: Wisdom (with David Campbell)
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David Campbell returns to the show (previous episodes 99 and 210) and drops some of the most practical wisdom you’ll hear this week. David is a leader of leaders and pastor of pastors who has responsibility for nearly 150 churches in the UK. On this episode he shares wisdom on problem solving, identity, truth, spiritual warfare and forgiveness.

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More-than-enough course
John and Carol Arnott
Jeff Dollar
Grace Center
David speaking at first service
David speaking at second service
School of Supernatural Life
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Weekly update
Main topic
#1 - Forgiveness
#2 - Trust
#3 - Problem solving
#4 - Conflict resolution
#5 - Being an example
#6 - Spirituality
#7 - Identity
#8 - More problem solving
#9 - Acceptance vs approval
#10 - Truth vs fact
#11 - Wounds vs scars
#12 - Warfare
#13 - Sanctification
#14 - Lordship
#15 - Manifestations
Wrap up